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MCL INTERNATIONAL is a full-service freight forwarder based in Romania, Constanta port, the main port of the Black Sea, the heart of Romanian international commerce.

We are offering a large range of international freight forwarding services through our comprehensive network of carriers and agents with whom we work directly, giving us a global reach. We handle everything from door to door covering all of your export/import needs.

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We Synchronize Transportation Around the World

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Manning agency

Manning agency

MCL INTERNATIONAL is the main Manning Agency from Constanta, Romania registered with Romanian Naval Authority under registration number ANR 0157, with over 16 years of experience.

Well trained seafarers

Well trained seafarers

All our candidates are Romanian nationals. We have a large database of well-trained seafarers (Officers and ratings). All of them have good English acknowledges, good level of educational background and extensive work experience on different type of vessels and flags.

Quality and experience

Main manning agency

Romanian crew has made the strong presence in international shipping industry. MCL INTERNATIONAL disposes with a good choice of quality experienced, reliable deck-engine officers and crew, flying repair-maintenance teams for all types of vessels.

“The right man for the right job” is the essence of any successful industry and shipping is no exception.

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